Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Quickly duplicate any account and its contents within your budget table.
How to Use:
Transform the variance column to display discrepancies as a percentage, giving you an immediate understanding of budgetary alignment.
How to Use:
Navigate to the header of the variance column in your budget table.
Click on the dropdown menu.
Select "Show as Percentage" to switch the display format.
This update is perfect for quickly assessing budget health and making informed decisions. Give it a try on your next budget review!
Enhance your document security with custom text watermarks on PDFs, ensuring your information stays protected and personalized when shared.
How to Use:
When exporting your document to PDF, select the 'Watermark' option.
Enter the text for your watermark.
Secure your shared documents with a personal touch—try out our new watermarking feature today!
Introducing enhanced note-taking in Saturation! Your notes now support rich text formatting. Need to emphasize a point? Use bold or italics. Want to create a list? Bullet points are now at your service. Plus, with expanded cells, writing and reading longer notes is a breeze.
How it works:
Click on a notes cell.
Type text in and highlight the text in the cell.
Use the toolbar at the top to apply styling like bold, italics, and bullet points.
Expand the cell for a more comfortable writing space if the note is lengthy.
This update allows for a more organized and expressive way to capture details. Dive in and make your notes stand out!
Introducing our advanced CSV mapper – a flexible tool that enables you to import contacts, payroll, budgets, or any other table seamlessly into Saturation, ensuring that your data fits perfectly within the right columns, every time.
🔍 How it works:
Initiate the CSV import feature within Saturation.
Upload your desired CSV file.
Use the CSV mapper to align and map the data columns from your file to the corresponding columns in Saturation.
Confirm your mappings and complete the import. Your data will now populate in the designated Saturation table, organized correctly.
Enhance your budgeting workflow with the new Auto Line Number feature, designed to automate the process of line number creation.
🔍 How it works:
Whenever you create a new account, line numbers are automatically generated.
Want to adjust line numbers? Simply drag the cell's fill handle to make quick changes.
Saturation introduces "Share View," a transformative way to selectively collaborate on budgets. Tailor specific views to share certain budget sections, allowing departments to focus on their segments while the main budget remains consolidated.
Segmented Sharing: Share specific categories, columns, or entire departmental budgets without any data overlap.
Real-time Feedback: Clients or executive producers can view and comment directly on budget sections, eliminating the need for PDF exports.
Versatile Collaboration: Share views either through direct access or a URL link, ensuring both convenience and data security.
How It Works:
Navigate to "Share": Within your project, click on "Share" and select the "View" tab.
Configure Access: Choose the segments of the project you wish to share, from categories to specific columns.
Distribute the View: Generate and share a unique link. Collaborators can view without an account, but commenting requires registration.
No more guessing games or downloads just to see what's inside a file! Saturation now introduces the ability to preview your attached pdfs or images directly within the platform.
Expand your export capabilities with the new Multiphase PDF Support. No longer are you constrained to selecting just one phase for your PDF exports. This new feature allows users to select and export multiple phases, optimizing how you present and consolidate your data.
Users now have the flexibility to resize columns in the budget tables. Simply click and drag the edge of any column header to adjust its width, ensuring a tailored view tailored to your needs.
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