Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


What's New:
Tagging Capability: You can now tag team members in comments within any project. This feature enhances collaboration by allowing you to direct comments to specific individuals, ensuring they receive notifications about discussions relevant to them.
How to Use:
In any comment field, type "@" followed by the team member's name to tag them.
The tagged individuals will receive a notification, drawing their attention to the comment.
This update facilitates more effective team interactions and ensures critical information is promptly highlighted to relevant project members.
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Saturation now allows for the actualization of pending transactions. Previously, only posted transactions could be actualized. This enhancement means you can update your budget and account for expenses as soon as they are initiated, rather than waiting for them to clear.
Enhanced budget management with the ability to actualize transactions immediately.
Improved cash flow tracking by reflecting pending expenses in real-time.
Greater accuracy in financial reporting, ensuring that all expenditures are accounted for as they occur.
How to Use:
In the Transactions section in a project, you will now see pending transactions available for actualization.
Select the pending transaction you wish to actualize and update your budget accordingly.
expense cards
Saturation has upgraded its shipping methods for physical expense cards. Now you can choose faster delivery options to receive your cards more quickly and start managing project expenses sooner.
Reduced wait times for receiving physical expense cards.
Expedited access to funds, allowing for more immediate expense management.
How to Use:
When ordering physical expense cards through Saturation, select the preferred shipping method at checkout.
Track the shipment to know exactly when your cards will arrive.
actuals in shareview
You can now include actuals when sharing views of your budget with collaborators, such as team members or external partners. This enhancement allows all team members to access a parts of your project, including actuals alongside budget estimates.
Increased transparency of budget actuals in shared settings. Allow department heads and team members to put in actuals directly into your project without having to see everything.
Improved collaboration, with comprehensive financial details available in one view.
How to Use:
When configuring a Share View, opt to include actuals.
Collaborators, like department heads, can view and even upload their actual expenditures directly within their specific shared view, facilitating precise and collaborative budget management.
Saturation now supports Bill Pay, enabling users to send ACH payments and domestic wire transfers directly through the platform. This new feature simplifies the process of managing and executing project-related payments.
Streamlined payment processes directly within Saturation.
Automatic actualization of expenses when payments are made, enhancing budget accuracy.
Reduced paperwork and manual entry, saving time and reducing errors.
How to Use:
Navigate to the Payments section within Saturation.
Set up your payee details and choose either ACH or wire transfer for payment.
Submit payments directly from the platform, and watch as these transactions are automatically recorded and actualized in your project budget.
Saturation now offers Expense Cards, a streamlined way for teams to manage project-related expenditures directly within the platform. These cards are linked to your project budgets, allowing for real-time tracking and management of expenses.
Simplified expense tracking directly linked to project budgets.
Enhanced financial control with real-time updates and oversight.
How to Use:
Issue Expense Cards to team members directly from the Saturation platform.
All transactions made with these cards are automatically recorded and categorized within the relevant project budget, ensuring that all spending is accounted for and easily reviewable.
Saturation - Transactions Table
We've combined Sources and Transactions into one table for easier financial management.
Workspace-Level Connections: Connect financial sources once at the workspace level, then grant access to individual projects as needed.
Project-Specific Actualization: When transactions are actualized, they're now specific to a project, streamlining project tracking.
Centralized management of all financial data.
Simplified setup with workspace-level source connections.
Clearer financial tracking per project.
Getting Started:
Navigate to your Transactions table to see all financial data in one place. Connect sources at the workspace level for use across projects without repeating the process.
Reconnecting some sources may be necessary. This one-time setup simplifies future project management.
This update is designed to make financial tracking and management more straightforward and project-specific.
Budget by Dates in Saturation
Now, you can input dates for each line item in your budget, offering a dynamic way to track timelines and even update quantities based on those dates.
How It Works:
By default the column is hidden, you can turn this on in the columns show / hide button.
In your budget table, you’ll now find an option to add a Dates Column.
For any line item, input the start and end dates or any specific date relevant to that expense or income.
Use these dates to directly influence the quantity (qty) for planning and tracking, streamlining how time affects your budget.
Timeline Management: This feature allows for a visual timeline of when expenses will occur or income will be received, directly within the budget line items.
Dynamic Quantity Updates: Link the dates to the quantity of each line item, automating adjustments in your budget as timelines change.
The Dates Column is designed to offer you more control and insight over the scheduling and planning aspects of your project's budget, making it easier to align your financial planning with actual project timelines.
Lock Phases in Saturation
This update empowers you to secure your budget at any phase, providing an effective way to finalize and approve budgets without the worry of unintended modifications.
How It Works:
Navigate to the specific phase within your budget that you wish to lock.
You'll find a new "Lock" option under the column setting. Once activated, this phase becomes read-only, preventing any further edits.
To lock or unlock a phase, a user must have the appropriate permissions, ensuring that only authorized team members can make these changes.
Secure Your Approved Budgets: Locking phases is an excellent method to signify that a budget or phase has been reviewed and approved, safeguarding it against accidental changes.
Streamline Collaboration: With the ability to lock phases, teams can collaborate more efficiently, knowing that finalized sections of the budget are preserved.
Filter Actuals by Uncategorized in saturation
Directly filter for "Uncategorized" transactions within the Accounts selection. This update streamlines the process of identifying and categorizing transactions that haven't yet been assigned to a specific category.
How to Utilize This Feature:
Navigate to the Actuals section of your project.
Look for the "Accounts" selection area. Here, you'll now find an "Uncategorized" option.
By selecting "Uncategorized," Saturation will immediately display all transactions that are yet to be categorized, allowing for quick and easy organization.
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